My name is joshie fishbein.

I'm an artist and programmer based in Brooklyn, USA. My work is a unique combination of art and technology that aims to find a balance between modern aesthetics and the human experience. I am a founding member and the technical lead at, the community-driven hub for all things animation. I spearhead the emerging technology movement at Wondersauce, a creative agency that is changing the way people interact with brands of all shapes and sizes. I collaborated with artists and cognitive scientists to bring the Reverse Color Organ to the web and mobile devices. And I run joshie studio, an experimental art and technology lab.

Current Exhibitions


"Content Aware" (2015 - ongoing)

ODETTA Gallery, Brooklyn, USA

May 12, 2017 - June 18, 2017

What Does Blue Sound Like?

"Reverse Color Organ" (2016 - ongoing)

NYPL - Mid-Manhattan Library, New York City, USA

April 4, 2017 - June 28, 2017

This website is just a placeholder while I organize my portfolio for the web. In the meantime, reach out if you're interested in seeing more of my work. Connect with me via email, twitter, instagram, or linkedin.