joshie fishbein is an artist and programmer based out of New York City, USA. In his studio practice, joshie uses generative methods and digital composition while working on a variety of topics.

"Content Aware", 2015 — on view now. Contact to make an appointment.


“Online” started in 2013 as a digital diary. This work is hosted in full on the public j0sh1e-online blog.

These works are collages of found material and images, acrylic gel transfer, gouache, ink. They were often reproduced in digitally printed editions.

Each composition moved back and forth between the computer and notebook, however there was a sense of improvisation and randomness with every iteration of the process.

j0sh1e-online gained a strong following after several months of daily posts. The style was often commissioned for album artwork and event posters.


Modern color movement and a string of current moods compounded by antique imagery creates a juxtaposition of times.